Buffalo Grove Garden Club of Illinois Scholarship Application & Information

The Buffalo Grove Garden Club is offering a scholarship, up to $2,000, to individual students in good standing living within our community who plan studies in the area of agriculture, botany, environmental law, environmental science/engineering, horticulture or a related field. The Buffalo Grove Garden Club follows the scholarship guidelines of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (http://www.gardenclub.org)

Funding for the BGGC Scholarship shall be decided each year with the allocated dollar amount to be included in the budget for the upcoming year. The allocation for the scholarship shall be determined by the profits from the previous year’s plant sale.

All scholarship money is paid directly to the schools the winners will attend. If the chairperson and her committee determine that there are no suitable candidates for the scholarship, funds may be carried over for the next year’s scholarship. The number of scholarships and their amounts shall be determined by the committee based on the qualification of the applicants.

The scholarship will be for the 2018-2019 academic year and will be payable to the institution of the recipient’s choice for the benefit of the recipient.

The deadline for the completed application with required attachments is Friday, April 06, 2018. All material must be received by that date. Please include an official academic transcript with the application. Failure to have all the material delivered by the deadline will be cause for rejection of the application.


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